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Having a quiet #CatDad night at home? Watching man shows about fishing or birds or cat food? Then this mug is for you! Do you have 11 ounces of beer in a zip-lock bag with no container to rationally drink it from? This mug is for you! Your significant other fall asleep during the opening credits of that movie you've been trying to get them to watch? Maybe try our 15 ouncer! You won't have to fill up your awesome mug as often.

• Ceramic - Straws or Sippy Lip neither included nor exist.
• 11 oz or 15oz.
• Dishwasher and microwave safe. Also, should be okay to add soap and leave it out in the rain.
• Check out for more sweet #CatDad stuff!

#CatDad Movie Night Mug (Chapter 3)

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