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For the discerning Cat Dad in your life. You know, that guy who says absolutely under no circumstances whatsoever are we going to have a cat in this house. And then in walks the kitten and now he's just all just Cat Dad and says things like shhh you'll wake the kitty while he's watching TV. Also, he likes tea or coffee. Cuz it's a mug.

• Ceramic and looks exactly like any other mug but with this design on it.
• Perfect for your warm or cold beverages or soups or small chunks of meat you could fish out of there with a fork.
• Safe to put pencils and pens in! (warning: not officially tested for pencil/pen containment).
• Do not wash with rest of laundry. Again, it's just a mug.
PS: Hannah says it's probably safe to use this mug to trap spiders on the floor. I said, but it's opaque and you can't see where the spider is and she's like, trust me, it's under there. So, good mug. Enjoy.

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#CatDad Mug No.1

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